Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cedar Ridge Academy Llama Group Ping-Pong CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

I took this game seriously... Way too seriously!

Team Voldemort lining up for a return.

Action shot!
Team Voldemort flexes their muscles

Me... Thinking about disputing a call...

We had crazy fun...
Team 'Paddles of Fury"

Team 'Metal Monkeys'
The Paddles of Fury getting furious@!
V for Voldemort!!! And Victory!

Me disputing a call...
Team 'Harry potter'
Me disputing another call....

Team Harry Potter was a wee bit upset at my Josh-centric rules....
Team Voldemort lining up for the final tournament winning serve!!!
This is a funny story. We went out to work with the llamas and they were acting crazy! They kept running away from us and wouldn't interact at all. Massive bribes of hay and other tasty edibles had no effect. Then we figured out why- Huge rain clouds rolling in. The llamas can't stand an impending storm and will not play 'human games' with such an imminent threat looming overhead.
Chieftan (alpha llama and lover of hay) looked at me and seemed to say,"are you crazy Josh, we must run in circles or it could rain... now put down that halter and join us!"
So what do you do when the llamas won't acquiesce to the agreed upon 'code of conduct' for a llama group??? I'll tell you what you do... PING PONG TOURNAMENT
It was totally intense. I digress, I was totally intense. It was a blast to let loose and all have some fun together. I looked around and realized what a tight group we have become. Llamas, bringing people together for centuries.

Cedar Ridge Academy Everybody on Campus!!!

O.K. I wanted to make sure I got every student at Cedar Ridge Academy (I know I missed a couple!). There isn't any kind of activity represented here, I just thought I'd try to get everyone's picture every week. I am available for family portraits...