Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bocce Ball

Brent and the group discussing the finer points of
Bocce Ball when played with a therapeutic twist.

Watching a throw. You can tell how intense this got,
look how serious we are!

In this game of Bocce, your partner has to guide
your throw... because your eyes are closed. We
learned a lot about communictaion.
A well executed toss!

Lining up for the perfect throw.

Today Brent and I took some of our students out for a game of Bocce Ball. The game focused on working as a team and communication. The more mistakes that were made, the more restrictions we had to work with on throws. For instance, if your throw went into the 'rough', your next throw would have to be backwards or with your eyes closed (we came up with all kinds of fun ways to throw the Bocce). As students started to shut down (not fully participating because it got hard) we pointed out how they were reacting to the adversity that was being placed in their way and we discussed new skills and reactions that would be more beneficial. The students came back with a fresh attitude and started to have a lot more success! It was a nice way to spend a few hours this morning.

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