Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Llama Group

'Chieftan' and 'Frito' getting a bite to eat.
Enjoying a little serenity.

Mending a fence for the Llama enclosure.

Happy to be outside and helping!

Just hanging out by the fence post.

This section is completed!

Hard at work or hardly working? :)

The llamas frequently came by to check out what
we were doing to their beloved fence.

Students watch and learn as staff teach them
the proper handling of the Llamas.

'Paco' comes by to get his neck scratched by
the students.
Kevin (one of our great staff) and I have been running the llama goup for three weeks now (Renae and Barbie are appreciated as well!). Many of the students first approached the llama's with a mixture of fear and excitement. These feelings have quickly dissolved as the students have worked inside the llama enclosure making necessary repairs. As the students become more comfortable and are able to have a more calm and 'centered' way of being, we will move to more hands on activities such as grooming and leading the llamas. Stay tuned for updates!

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