Monday, July 27, 2009

Kings Peak 50 Mile Hike

This is just the beginning of the post, there is a whole other camera full of pictures to go through. I will try to get those on the way as soon as they get them to me. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed getting back to some of their "wilderness" roots. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trails Trip!

These are some of the great photos that were tkaen on the 'Trails Trip' with Chad. It happened a month or so ago... but I just found the photos. Bebo (an awesome Cedar Ridge Academy mom) was able to come along on the trip with the students, I will make sure to post more pictures of this trip, because there are over 100!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dance Recital

This is late but I wanted to still post it for everyone to see. I had to wait for the cd with the know how it is. This recital was in town and very well recieved by the audience. All the girls seemed to have fun and enjoy the experience. They put in months of practice to be prepared for it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


A student giving a monologue based on a trigger sheet.
These students are 'trees' for a production of
Little Red Riding Hood.

Enjoying watching other students perform.
An action sequence.
Some African dance!
Alex and Katie posing with the students.
It was a rewarding experience for everyone.
'Movement' was a common theme.
A student giving a monologue.
Letting loose.
Telling a story without words.
Alex (a former student of Cedar Ridge Academy) and Katie, graduates of NYU's theatre department, came to Cedar Ridge Academy for the summer to work with the students. They blended elements of theatre and therapy to provide an environment of expression and approach. The students responded very well to the classes and everyone got invloved (I have videos of teachers and therapists taking part in African Dance!! Keep watching the blog for those video posts!), Alex and Katie really 'brought it'. It was great to see students putting their fears aside and learning. It is difficult to let your 'image' go and take part in being part of a production.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer School

The real Van Goth...
Laughing away the day!
Can't get enough summer school!
The wonderful world of Biology.
No, he's not teaching...
Making a poster board for the hallway.
Chad grading papers.
A student with the Cedar Ridge Academy mascot...
"Time for a break... please"
Welcome to the science safari.
Biology seems to have a 'quieting' effect on the students.

College or bust!
Studying away...
Math is super fun!
Students hanging out in Layne's busy world of mathematics.
Deep concentration or sleep?
Math is easier as a group. Seriously, do you remember algebra?
The students have stayed engaged in school, despite the great weather and usual summer breaks. It gets hard to stay focused sometimes, but being in a classroom of only 5-10 people makes it difficult to get away with napping or daydreaming. We appreciate our great teachers and their continued support of our students who come in to Cedar Ridge with a wide variety of academic needs.