Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer School

The real Van Goth...
Laughing away the day!
Can't get enough summer school!
The wonderful world of Biology.
No, he's not teaching...
Making a poster board for the hallway.
Chad grading papers.
A student with the Cedar Ridge Academy mascot...
"Time for a break... please"
Welcome to the science safari.
Biology seems to have a 'quieting' effect on the students.

College or bust!
Studying away...
Math is super fun!
Students hanging out in Layne's busy world of mathematics.
Deep concentration or sleep?
Math is easier as a group. Seriously, do you remember algebra?
The students have stayed engaged in school, despite the great weather and usual summer breaks. It gets hard to stay focused sometimes, but being in a classroom of only 5-10 people makes it difficult to get away with napping or daydreaming. We appreciate our great teachers and their continued support of our students who come in to Cedar Ridge with a wide variety of academic needs.

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