Thursday, July 9, 2009


A student giving a monologue based on a trigger sheet.
These students are 'trees' for a production of
Little Red Riding Hood.

Enjoying watching other students perform.
An action sequence.
Some African dance!
Alex and Katie posing with the students.
It was a rewarding experience for everyone.
'Movement' was a common theme.
A student giving a monologue.
Letting loose.
Telling a story without words.
Alex (a former student of Cedar Ridge Academy) and Katie, graduates of NYU's theatre department, came to Cedar Ridge Academy for the summer to work with the students. They blended elements of theatre and therapy to provide an environment of expression and approach. The students responded very well to the classes and everyone got invloved (I have videos of teachers and therapists taking part in African Dance!! Keep watching the blog for those video posts!), Alex and Katie really 'brought it'. It was great to see students putting their fears aside and learning. It is difficult to let your 'image' go and take part in being part of a production.

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