Thursday, August 27, 2009

People in my neighborhood

Playing Right Field
Rob playing some ball with a few students.

Pam helping a student with some career testing.

My son Oliver visiting me at work.

I wanted to post a 'usual day' at Cedar Ridge and show you some of the people you run into throughout the day. There is always something going on around campus.

Cedar Ridge Academy Volleyball 2009!!!

Our brave volleyball team preparing for action!
Warming up with 5 laps!

Lunges, lunges, lunges

And more lunges!
More lunges?? Really, come on!

Watching from the sidelines
She was going so fast I barely caught her on film!
And more running!
Coach Christine talking about conditioning.
Feeling pretty tired after the lunges.
The girls volleyball season is now officially started. Christine will be the coach this year and brings an attitude of fun and teamwork. Good Luck this season Cedar Ridge Academy!