Thursday, September 10, 2009

llama group part 2

This student has gone from 'afraid of llamas' to 'friend of the llamas'.
Yes, llama group is that fun.

Enjoying the shade.
Students processing llama group.

Chieftan, Alpha llama and lover of hay.

This student had been determined to not be caught on camera smiling... CAUGHT!

This student is feeding chieftan cottonwood branches.
The llamas are big on hay.

Llamas liketo be lightly massaged on the neck.
This shows trust. Chieftan is allowing her to put her hand over his neck.
This student has built a high level of trust with chieftan.
Chieftan did not respond well to this student at first; just sniffed the hay and walked away.
The student watched others, and tried again. This time she was able to not only feed Chieftan but also pet his neck.
We are excited to work with the llamas again. They teach us a lot about ourselves. They react to our fears and insecurities as well as our confidence and calm. They are instant feedback mechanisms. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be trying to pet the llamas faces, ears and backs as well as putting a harness on them. We will also be working with them wihtout having food to coax them with! It is a great group of students to work with and a nice laid back atmosphere, we'll keep you posted!

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