Monday, September 14, 2009

Gone Fishin'

This student has a new-found love for fishing!
He caught 4 catfish in one hour...
My excellent casting skills reeled in a total of 4 catfish.(It took me around 4 hours...)
Checking the bait.
I did make them put their own worms on.
This fish had a nice personality.
We had fun. We fished.
We relocated all twelve fish to the upper pond. The upper pond had no fish and we thought it might be lonely. Hopefully the influx of 12 new inhabitants will make the pond a happier and better place.
It was a lot of fun to kick back and hang out with some of the guys while fishing. We all relaxed quite a bit and enjoyed another side of Cedar Ridge. The guys didn't mind playing 'hooky' from school.

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