Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Co-ed activities:continued

Catch me if you can it's the Gingerbread man!

Run Forest Run!

Swing batter batter batter!!!

Nothing like the smell of victory

Modeling at 1st base

Side stance yeaaaaaa. Get em' out!

Dang teenagers always seem to argue!

Family makes sanity

Get your goat on! GO GO!


Crunch time!

Co-ed Activities

You could see us a mile away!

On the way to Constitution Park on 4th of July. I think we had too much fun.

How many teenagers do you know who wore sunglasses at night?

Just enjoying the fire works

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cedar Ridge Academy Volleyball!!!

The girls won their first game! Sensei Christine and Ginny (one of our awesome staff members) played with the girls and they all had a blast! They lost the second game (it was close) but still had great attitudes and smiles on their faces. Some of the boys and girls came to watch the game and were great cheerleaders. I was proud to be a member of the Cedar Ridge Academy family as I watched the way the students conducted themselves on the court. If you see or talk to Christine, make sure you tell her how much you appreciate her getting so involved with the Cedar Ridge team! Christine has really brought these girls together and showcased their strengths.

Llama Group at Cedar Ridge Academy!

This is one of the students with Cheeto. Her ears are back and she is preparing to spit at him. He kept his distance and was able to eventually pet her.
This student is hanging out with Frito, the new llama baby.

Frito was having trouble being handled at first. This student was able to 'tame' him and gain a good rapport.

This is one of the corrals we constructed to work with the llamas.

We have met the goals we set for ourselves! We are able to approach the llamas, hand feed them, interact without feeding them, hug them as well as tether and lead them! We have started working with our baby llama, Frito, and he has let us give him lots of hugs and even put a harness on. Fritos mom, Cheeto, is still very resistant to being handled and responds with spitting quite frequently (it stinks!). Chieftan, father of Frito, is quite the gentle-llama and we have had many walks around campus with him (he is the easist to lead).
We all continue to grow and learn and are excited to see the llamas. The llamas are excited to see us as well, they rush to the gate to hang out. Another fun day at Cedar Ridge Academy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Girls table and Cedar Ridge Academy Volleyball Team

I wanted to make sure I had some photos of the girls up this week! The top photo is of the girls going to play volleyball tonight. They are with their coach (Christine) who is playing with them. One of our wonderful staff, Ginny, will also be playing in the game tonight.
Good luck Cedar Ridge Academy!

My son Oliver and I are going to watch the game tonight and take some photos to post next week.


My P90X group!! I couldn't be prouder!
Yoga is a weekly component of the workouts.

Working on breathing and relaxing.

More Yoga and relaxation.
Flexibility is a big component of Yoga.
This gets hard after an hour of poses!
I have a great group of 7 students that are doing the popular P90X videos with me. We all have different physical goals with these workouts and are here to help keep one another motivated! We meet for an hour every morning Mon.-Th. The workouts involve a variety of cardio, weights, yoga and plyometrics. We are all dripping with sweat by the end. Everyone in the group has a positive attitude and comes prepared to Bring It!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cedar Ridge Academy Boys Basketball 2009

These guys are happy to be out of the classroom and on the court.

Tired from the drills, but still smiling.
Coach Wes (in the yellow) teaching the guys how to drive to the net.
It was hard to find anyone standing still for a photo opportunity! Lining up and practicing lay-ups.

These guys love their basketball.

This shot did go in!
The guys have already started practicing for the winter season of Jr. Jazz. They will be playing in a competitive league with many teams (their own age). The games start in January and in order to play the students have to come to practice and reach at least level 700 in the program. Wes and the other therapists have been putting a lot of time in with the boys and I'm looking forward to see how well the Cedar Ridge Academy boys team interacts after four months of practice has been completed!