Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cedar Ridge Academy Boys Basketball 2009

These guys are happy to be out of the classroom and on the court.

Tired from the drills, but still smiling.
Coach Wes (in the yellow) teaching the guys how to drive to the net.
It was hard to find anyone standing still for a photo opportunity! Lining up and practicing lay-ups.

These guys love their basketball.

This shot did go in!
The guys have already started practicing for the winter season of Jr. Jazz. They will be playing in a competitive league with many teams (their own age). The games start in January and in order to play the students have to come to practice and reach at least level 700 in the program. Wes and the other therapists have been putting a lot of time in with the boys and I'm looking forward to see how well the Cedar Ridge Academy boys team interacts after four months of practice has been completed!

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