Monday, October 12, 2009

Llama Group at Cedar Ridge Academy!

This is one of the students with Cheeto. Her ears are back and she is preparing to spit at him. He kept his distance and was able to eventually pet her.
This student is hanging out with Frito, the new llama baby.

Frito was having trouble being handled at first. This student was able to 'tame' him and gain a good rapport.

This is one of the corrals we constructed to work with the llamas.

We have met the goals we set for ourselves! We are able to approach the llamas, hand feed them, interact without feeding them, hug them as well as tether and lead them! We have started working with our baby llama, Frito, and he has let us give him lots of hugs and even put a harness on. Fritos mom, Cheeto, is still very resistant to being handled and responds with spitting quite frequently (it stinks!). Chieftan, father of Frito, is quite the gentle-llama and we have had many walks around campus with him (he is the easist to lead).
We all continue to grow and learn and are excited to see the llamas. The llamas are excited to see us as well, they rush to the gate to hang out. Another fun day at Cedar Ridge Academy.

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