Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cedar Ridge Academy Big Group!

Travis and Renae, watching Big Group.

Jeremy, sitting in Big Group.

These students helped Wes out by preparing skits to demonstrate issues important to our community.
Students take notes in Big Group... which is held in the Big Dome.

Here are some pictures of one of our 'Big Groups' at Cedar Ridge Academy. This is a time when our whole campus gathers to teach, learn and interact. It was Wes' turn to run big group. I tried to get photos of everyone because I know its nice!
During this Big Group, we talked about some of the new rule changes
that allow more priveleges (such as make-up and cologne for more students). On a personal note, please don't send any AXE body spray; I become easily axephyxiated...

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  1. Josh,

    These are's always good seeing the kids. You'll have to tell Garth that because of your special request...there won't be any Axe coming his way.