Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Season Ever

Well, so the season has been great so far. Overall our record is 9-0 so being undefeated is awsome. I've never been on a sports team that works so well together; we have amazing chemistry. So in other words I always know where my teammates are going to be. In one of the games I made a buzzer beater three at the end of the game. I never even imagined that I would get to shoot one of those in basketball. Our team is great. Wes is the best basketball coach I have ever had. He really makes things like defensive concepts easy to understand. We have this one defense that we run that is getting us a good ten to fifteen steals a game. It's a trap defense that looks like a two one two. Overall we're winning our games by over fifteen points. I know that in one of our games they stopped keeping score after we got up on the other team by over 50 points. This year we set a Cedar Ridge kids team scoring record by scoring 74 points in one game. That was just crazy to me to look up at the score board and see that number. Our closest win was our first game in town where we won by two points. We were all nervous in that game and since then it has been all good for us. Where we really beat teams with points is our fast breaks, our trap defense gets us a lot of steals which in turn gets us a lot of fast break points. I'm still working on my dunking; haven't quite gotten there yet but I can grab and hang on the rim, I really think that the karate has helped me for basketball like all the strength that I have built from karate really does transfer over to basketball. I think the rest of the season will keep going as well as it has gone so far. Our goal is to go undefeated and win the tournament championship-- something that a Cedar Ridge team has never done before.
Well, wish us luck the rest of the season.

--Sweet Pea

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