Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Group Games

It was hard to get everyone, some people were camera shy today and slipped out of my shots before I could get them... Others were in and out of big group for a minute. I also put in some shots from my office (the coolest office in the building).
By the time I made it to Big Group, they were in the middle of an intense game of Catch Phrase with Wes. Everyone was having a good time and I was even allowed to take part in the grand championship round, awesome.
The weather warmed up a ton this week, all the way into the 30's !! Seriously, it was great. Ice melted, coats came off and we all got a little sun. As I thaw out, I'm hoping that I become more of a prolific blogger. Perhaps even three times in one week, weather permitting.


  1. Looks like Nate is one of the shy ones. You'll have to sneak up on him. Glad to hear it's warming up a bit there. We, here in Santa Rosa and Bay area, are enjoying much needed rain. Enjoyed the photos and look forward to the next set.

  2. Josh,

    You keep at it...I really appreciate catching a glimpse of their day!! Thanks.