Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Field Day

Our newest student... Yeti Sasquatch.... He's from up North.
Chad (science teacher, in the blue shirt) and Brent (therapist, tan hat) playing tons of games with the students.

This group was playing Texas Hold-em. (O.K. it was just UNO.... But Texas Hold'em sounded more exciting).

I have no idea what this game was, but it looked fun.

I interrupted a very serious game...

Mike (our English teacher) having a conversation with a student on the side-lines.

The students LOOOVE to play knock-out.

The school had a field day (December) and I did my best to record every moment. There were kids playing basketball... kids playing volleyball and even board games. There was a general mood of lazy fun on campus and everyone could be seen getting involved. At the last field day we had video games (Rock-Band etc.) available for student usage and it resulted in many time-outs, feelings hurt, entitlement and a host of other video-game related incidents. For this reason, video games were not part of our field day and the mood was much improved. It is cool to see a bunch of teens having a blast playing monopoly.
For those of you who enjoy rants... here is my first blog rant!
Perhaps we could start a revolution? Get rid of your x-boxes, playstations and game cubes. Want a suggestion? Get a Wii. My family and I have one and we only play games as a family. Not only is it fun, but it encourages cooperative play. Too many people are spending too much time isolating with video games and missing out on real-world connections. This is especially disastrous for young kids who fail to learn basic social skills. And no, talking to someone over a head-set while playing a war-game does not count as a social interaction.

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