Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Wars... Return of the Snowball

One of my students and I... Battling eachother. Good vs. evil. Brother vs. Brother.
Trenches were dug.

Defenses were made.
Fortifications were re-inforced.
Those are smiles of fear, not fun.
Preparing ammo.
I know its hard to see through the hail-storm of H2O-based projectiles...
Faces of Snow-Wars.

I had a few different options... take the guys to do a work-project... play basketball... read a book... but none sounded nearly as galactically important as Snow-Wars. The North and South Poles were seperated by a thin line of snow. Each team was given the same number of barricades and snowballs. What ensued was bleach-white carnage.
Derrick and I refereed the match-up. It was tough work and there were many disputed calls. I know what your wondering... and yes, the North pole did win the day.
p.s. check out below this post, it is the second post of the day.

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  1. It's so good to have photos and activities of the students back to view. I didn't realize so much snow had fallen.