Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The boys had hair cuts over the last two days... and what a difference! Do you recognize your student? Some had over 6 inches of hair cut off. They get to choose how much they want off, it just has to be above the ears. I threw the girls in the photos as well because I am trying to make sure I get everyone in. I did have a couple people hide again, oh well.
I remember a funny moment from working for a wilderness therapy program... we had a video for perspective parents where a father made the statement, "I sent them a boy and they sent me back a man"... another father, after having his child complete the program, made the statement, "I sent them a girl and they sent me back a man". If you have ever seen one of the girls covered in dirt (perma-dirt), hair everywhere and using a machete to make a spoon, then you know what he meant. They look a lot different at a boarding school, huh?

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Smiling Karate People.
Preparing for punching.

There is no hiding from my camera this time.

Preparing for combat.
Feinting and guarding.
Preparing for a strike.
A rough upper-cut to the jaw.
She won this match... in case your wondering.

This was actually happening really fast and I was lucky to get it on film.
Smiling with intensity.
They may be smiling, but don't let that fool you... they are super intense Karate machines.
His guard is now down and he is about to get a right hook to the face!
A sucker punch to the jaw.

I heard some serious Karate-noise coming from the gym... so I checked it out. What I saw in the gym was explosive Karate action. As you can see from the photos, these kids are highly trained punching machines. Wes was doing a great job of teaching the art of sparring; he checked in with the group every few minutes to ask if they felt safe and if the answer was yes, he would add in another punch or speed things up. I wanted to get a copy of the song 'kung-fu-fighting' and blast it on the stereo... but I think it would have disrupted the mood of the class.