Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Wars, The Empire Strikes Back

First off, let me explain the carnage. I brought a tub-full of red dye out for the snowball fight (round 2) to use as a center line marker. A little splashed in the snow and the boys instantly began requesting that I further spread it around to simulate gore and guts. I agreed. The results were hillarious. A perspective family happened to be walking by, during the opening salvo of the battle, and the boys had a good time speculating as to the families thoughts on our structure...
These are really the times that I hold on to. Seeing a bunch of guys come together and have a blast throwing snow-balls. It is a good reminder that they are still kids. And a reminder that I'm a kid as well... since I did organize it...


  1. First seeing the photos I thought, oh my gosh, someone got hurt! (only kidding) It's great seeing the students playing like this and as you stated it's good to remember that they are just kids at this age, and Josh it's okay for you to be a kid too, sometimes. If more adults everywhere joined in with our young one's activities, they too, would have more fun.

  2. We were out in the snow the last couple of days...but we were not having nearly as much fun digging out of over 2 feet of snow...with 7-12 inches expected tomorrow...oh well, I'm glad to see you guys enjoying the day!!