Thursday, March 4, 2010

Warm Thursday!!!

Wes and these students look sad. Why? you may ask... over an hour spent fixing a toilet that someone had flushed a brush down. The great part is that Wes can create an esprit de corps even in the face of great obstructions.
Happy days. Notice the lack of scarves... Even the coats are unzipped!
I wanted to contrast the boys and girls.
A family portrait.

The weather is warming up and so are we! We had an exciting day of 'Big Group', games, studying and eating. It was nice to have a few hours in the home working and playing with the students.
We had a great discussion about defences. Basically, I discussed with the students that we frequently become angry if we 'see' ourselves in a certain way and someone contradicts this image we have of ourselves. And boy do we have a lot of images to work with!
Have a great day, we are!

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