Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Assorted Activities

This is my Llama-enclosure engineer team. Rob and I decided that the Llamas need a little more daily attention, so we are bringing them to the girls home!
We made a wonderful enclosure that is rouhly 50 feet from the girls home. The kids and I will be pruning the trees in the enclosure, making a lean-to and improving the area. I envision the Llamas going for weekly walks and hanging out with the girls on a daily basis. The guys are sad that they will no longer have 'llama chore' (this picture was actually taken with them saying 'no more llama chore!") but can visit and hang out with the llamas whenever they want.
The llamas were previously on the boys side of campus in a huuuuuge enclosure that spanned many acres of land. This allowed them to become reclusive and less eager to engage with silly humans. The new enclosure is much smaller and puts the llamas in constant contact with humans.

Gathering more fence for the project!

Eating Lunch!

Wearing Lunch!

This is one of our students talking about her life before Cdar Ridge. It is part of reaching level 800 and doing home visits... then going home!

Stretching for Soccer.

We went and played soccer for two hours after school last week. Kevin (Redwood home manager) and I have what we call Kosh points. The students accumulate 'Kosh' points by doing cool stuff.. being nice... cleaning the house well... being polite to eachother... making a good joke. After getting up to 500 points, we do a fun event, this week was soccer!
Enjoy the Spring!


  1. As always we enjoy the photos and news of the students' activities. The group photo of the Llama Enclosure Engineer Team was great! We appreciate all the work and fun CRA faculty do with the students. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the photos and commentary! It's the hope of catching glimpses into their daily life that brings me to this blog. Great to see the kids enjoying what spring has to offer.