Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Llama Shearing Action At Cedar Ridge Academy!!!

I promised it and here it is... Pure Llama Shearing Action!!!
It was somewhere near 100 degrees out... the llamas were non-compliant and we were tough. My group and I took these llamas on with everything we could muster- a squeeze shoot, extra fencing and good 'ole american gumption. I have no idea what gumption is, but hopefully it doesn't smell as bad as the llamas wool did! We decided mid-shearing to give Chieftan a bath. This kept his core body temperature (as well as his smell), down.
It was hard work. We soon discovered that the industrial shears we were using couldn't make it through the llamas thick coat and we instead relied on a pair of hand-shears (any suggestions on how to properly use electric farm shears?).
The good news- We sheared one full llama, no-one passed out from heat exhaustion and we had a hillarious time. I was so busy shearing that I gave the camera to the girls to use (I know you are accustomed to my professional-grade photos and are wondering why these are sub par :) ).
Anyway, now that we have a process down to shear the llamas, I think we will be able to get through at least two more tomorrow.
We saved momma-llama for tomorrow... She has a baaaad attitude. I'm talking your teen not getting what they want mixed with a two-years olds temper-tantrum bad attitude. If Cheeto (momma-llama) were a person she would be very lonely. We are going to get spit on a lot tomorrow morning. So, while you sit in your air-conditioned office or home reading this Thursday morning... think of us, the brave llama shearers, who are sweating, bleeding and crying so that one more llama can walk in the heat unencumbered by 20 pounds of extra wool!