Monday, August 2, 2010

Cedar Ridge Academy

Well, here is week two of Cedar Ridge Academy llama shearing! We got spit on a lot! Momma Llama (Cheetoh) was not happy and had a special place in her stomache reserved for me (as demonstarted by the large quantities of hay and grass that were shot form her stomache at me!).
Todd (student services and carpenter) came along and helped the girls plan a brand-new shelter for the llamas. Construction begins next week. I'll post some photos!
By the way, no-one sent advice on the clippers, but we figured them out!


  1. Thanks Josh for putting all these great pictures on for everyone to see. Llama Llama Llama....

  2. Josh, thank you for the pictures of the llama shearing. It is always a treat to see pictures of Kat in action. Keep the pictures coming.

  3. I guess I've never seen shearing done that way before...see the attached site for all the "do's and don'ts" Have fun...get the boys to join you ;-)

  4. We have been thinking of lauren. It's so nice to see my niece looking happy. Thank you.
    Julie Grant

  5. LOVE seeing pictures of the kids at work... makes my heart happy to see them making a contribution, knowing it probably makes their hearts happy, too. Also nice to see my kid between visits. :) thanks for the update