Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saying Hello

In this photo we get a glimpse of Chad and his class enjoying SCIENCE!!!

Next we see Jen tutoring students in Math!
Here we see Layne (Math teacher) and the guys playing it cool. 'Welcome Back Cotter' was playing in the background.

Darline in the library hanging out with her girls.

Kimberly is seen here showing the guys some super-important historical documents (it was the hottie-karate video from 3 seminars ago... remember?).
She was sooooo busy that I did not dare ask this student to pose with Brent and the girls; she was kind enough to give me a smile though!

Brent teaching 'Personal Finance'. That's right, Brent is smart and multi-talented!

This is fun stuff, huh? Rumour has it there will be a new psychology teacher who is able to combine wit, humor and intelligence into one great combination. "Who?" You may ask???? You'll have to wait and find out!
It was fun strolling through the school today, the kids were bright and happy. Everyone was on task and focused. So different from my high school! I think we made it our job to be off-task in at least 50% of our courses.... By the way, I have no idea where the obnoxious laughter was coming form in the Harry Potter video posted last week... True mystery...

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