Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cedar Ridge Academy Talent Show

Last weekend I brought my family up for the annual Cedar Ridge Academy Talent Show. It was amazing. We had music, dance and comedy. It was nice to see our students and staff face their fears and perform in front of an audience. There were a few students who had some pretty big stage-fright come up, but we all cheered together and helped them through it. At most other High Schools, if someone became scared and ran off stage you wouldn't hear the student body encouraging them to try again and again. This is what separates our community. We accept each others flaws and focus on our strengths. Most of our students have felt the pains of failure and take no pleasure in insulting one another. These kids are sensitive and kind and really displayed that on Saturday night.

Even though we had some professional-grade performances (some of the performances displayed truly amazing talent), it was one girls performance that impressed me the most. She had to work harder than anyone else to stand up there and sing. Her voice wavered, her hands were shaking and she couldn't even remember the words to her favorite song. That represented a lot of courage to me.


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