Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last week was awesome at Cedar Ridge. We had the honor to graduate another student. There were speeches, cake, family, fun and tears.

I had the opportunity to be the first speaker. I compared progress to grapes, apples and tomatoes... then we ate them (the fruit).

Next up we had some good friends give their thoughts on our graduate. It was nice.

More friends came next, with a hilarious whiteboard presentation that outlined the students 'social' progress.

Mom and Dad!!!! Not a dry eye in the house after hearing from mom and dad!

A good friend gave a solo performance. It was amazing! I didn't even know the other student could sing, let alone play guitar!

Jim (school counselor) gave the final presentation and diploma!!

Afterward we came together to celebrate with cake and more music.

The happy graduate with her family (my family came to fill in for her sisters who couldn't make it!).

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