Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hot Air Balloooooonsssss

Two Fridays ago, Layne’s Math and Science club and Jim’s Tinkerer’s club met together to fly the hot air balloons we’ve been working long and hard on. We were put into pairs and groups; Lauren and Evan, Zane and Aly, Porter and Layne, and Jim, Shelby and Nicolette (me). I didn’t expect the balloons to fly so high and go so far, so when we went to great lengths to retrieve the balloons I was shocked. The only persons balloon that didn’t go anywhere was Lauren and Evans, because shortly after it was lit, it caught on fire. This balloon received the Hindenburg award. Zane and Aly’s got the fastest to get into the air award, Porters and Layne’s was really good and of course Jim Shelby and Nicolette (me)’s hot air balloon was just overall the best, (obviously). This whole experience was really great to be able to work together in a group and create something where you could actually see your accomplishment. The best part of it all was watching them go up, knowing they were going to be a hassle to go track down in the snow. I would do this over and over again.


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