Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We're Going to Washington D.C.

Hello everyone! On Tuesday, students gathered in the big dome to learn about a great opportunity has come to Cedar Ridge Academy, specifically a class surrounding a trip to Washington D.C. Many students requested information to send home to parents, so watch for a brown envelope in your mailbox. We are excited to offer this opportunity to our students. See below for the Cedar Ridge frequently asked questions section, a link to our trip website, a cool video, and more FAQs. Cedar Ridge Academy Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the trip cost? Where does the money go? The trip costs $1,699. This cost includes a nice hotel, airfare, all meals, a bus to transport us around D.C., guided tour of all places we go, and any fees that the sites might charge.

  2. Is there anything not covered in the cost of the trip? There is only one required fee that will be in addition to the trip cost: the price that the airline is charging at the time for checking baggage. Students may want spending money to purchase souvenirs while on the trip, but that is up to you.

  3. What is WorldStrides? WorldStrides is a student travel organization. They have provided educational travel programs to over four million elementary, middle, high school, and university students since they began in 1967. They will be help us to organize the trip as well as making all of the registrations. You will register for the trip with this company. See their FAQ section for more information about them:

  4. How do I register and pay for the trip? This is done through WorldStrides, please see their website for that information as well as the packet of information sent to you in the mail. There are some scholarships available as well as a payment plan to help cover the cost specific to your family's needs. Again, WorldStrides will have all of this information. World Strides also has great ideas for fundraising at this link: My favorite is the gift of education. You get everyone involved to contribute $10 here and there, and that can add up fast.

  5. How much school credit can my student earn? Students will earn a .5 credit for going on the trip. This .5 credit can go in one of three places: .5 of their U.S. History credit, their .5 Social Studies elective, or as a regular .5 of an elective.

  6. When does the class start and when is the trip? The class starts August 22 and will continue through October 21. Students need to be in attendance for all days, especially trip days October 12-16. We only have so much time to get everything done!

  7. When are applications due? Applications are due June 1. However, scholarships are first come first serve, and May 6 is the deadline for those.

  8. How many students are coming? Who can come? This trip is limited to 15 people (not including two accompanying teachers). Therefore, any student or parent coming will need to fit into this group of 15. Therapeutic students level 700 or above and any trusted boarding school student as well as any parent who would like to help chaperone and learn more about history at the same time.

  9. What if my student reaches level 700 in time for the trip but then drops right before? If you would like to spend a little bit more money, WorldStrides offers an "insurance/refund" opportunity that is set up for in case your student becomes ill or can't go for some reason. There is more information in the packet from WorldStrides and on their website. If you don't want to spend the extra money, remember that this is an opportunity for your student to grow and learn from natural consequences.

  10. Should I really spend that much money on my student? If they are a student that does well with hands-on experiences and seems to get stuck in all of the book work then this would be a great way for them to earn a credit. A lot of our students are like this, which is one of the reasons why I am offering it. This trip also gives them the opportunity that some of our other classes don't: it is very interactive. Students will have to learn how to work in a group, turn in homework assignments on time, be engaged in a daily teacher directed class, and to an extent be self-managing while on the trip. They will also learn how to build relationships with their peers in a separate setting than just on campus.


To download a video all about the trip and WorldStrides go to:

Our Trip Website:

I hope that you will consider this trip and take advantage of this great opportunity. If you have any questions, e-mail Kimberly at Also, I will be having an open conference call with any one that wants to call in and talk to Kimberly or Katie Marsh, a representative with WorldStrides. This conference call is on April 20th from 10-11 MST. I will continue to add to this blog post any questions that you send in that others might like to know more about.