Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Puzzling Puzzles

If you have come to parent teacher conferences, you may have noticed that I usually have a puzzle on my back counter.  These puzzles have a historically centered theme and give students a break from school work.  They are allowed to work on the puzzle when all of their school responsibilities are complete, but what they don't know is that it is building their critical thinking skills. 

The puzzle we have been working on

The four students that worked the most on the puzzle: Seth, Carson, Katelyn, and Shelby. 
Shelby was working in the kitchen when I called her to come take this picture (hence the gloves)

The completed puzzle

A fun one with them being silly. 
Seth can take credit for the border, while Carson can take credit for building the people,
and Shelby and Katelyn can take credit for the final completion.
We have just opened Friendship: A Common Ground that shows settlers traveling and assisting each other through the rough terrain.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monarch Ridge

Last Friday, August 12th, Chad’s club, also known as the Lifetime Hobbies Club, went to the ridge known officially as Monarch Ridge, but known to the locals as the Blue Hill. It was a lot of fun “mountaineering”. We climbed rocks and slots, walked paths and caves, and took many pictures and diamonds.

During the hike, we made an abundance of references to the movie 127 Hours, about Aron Ralston, the fellow who got his right arm stuck between a wall and a boulder in Moab, Utah, and had to cut his arm off to escape. We climbed through slots similar to the one he got stuck in, but we had nothing to worry about, although Evan, Joe, and Chad were all afraid of getting stuck, and it was an exhilarating part of the trip.

Part of the hike was visiting the Alum Mine, a short cave (now home to many rats) where they mined Alum, a mineral that is widely used for making pickles. It was a bit unnerving to be in a cave, but being able to see the entrance was a calming factor. And we all felt accomplished when we touched the end of the mine shaft.

We also really enjoyed taking photos. We had some very beautiful, goofy, and funny photos that you can see here. The awe-inspiring mountains were a great backdrop for our shenanigans. We also found crystals scattered about the mountain. Evan was convinced that they were diamonds, but they were just gypsum crystals worth very little (except good memories).

Overall, this trail trip was one to remember. Whether it was referencing 127 Hours, spelunking mines, or taking pictures, we were all enjoying ourselves. I hope we get to do this type of thing often, because it was a great experience.

Written by Seth

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Katharine, Morgan, Zane, and Alex are taking advantage of a sweet photo op.

They, along with Jim (staff) Katie (staff) and Todd had a blast hiking up Navaho Peak and getting a view of Cedar Breaks National Park. I can't say that they all made it up and down without a few scrapes (some ignored Todd's advice about long pants), but each of them says "it was totally worth it."

Katharine- The hike we went on was awesome. I didnt think that i would really like it considering im not a very outdoorsey person, but the view was awesome, next time i wont wear basketball shorts though.
Zane- The hike we went on was incredible. We went to the peak of this mountain and looked off into a beautiful view. it was almost as pretty as california =P on the way back down Todd and myself ran down the mountain as fast as we could jumping over small trees, launching off of dead tree stumps, and landing only to push off another log! it was honestly one of the best exsperiences i have had in a while.

Todd- Today we finnished with the plays and went to relax. me and James went up to the tallest peek of the mountian and spent most of the morning marveling in utahs beauty. Later that day, after we got back to the cabin, I went with Zane, Alex, Katharine, and Morgan plus Jim and Katie. We enjoyed the breathtaking scenery it felt like we were all on top of the world; almost flying through the wilderness.

Christine has a lot of hiking in store for the rest of the trip, including some sunsets.

.....maybe I might be able to sneek in a sunrise as well.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Kickball Mania

For our fifth Friday of the month, we combined all students from the clubs to face off in a kickball game on the softball field. Here, Evan's team flexes off against Zane's team.
Evan's team.
Zane's team, dubbed the 'Sorcerer Demons' by Joe.
Joe gets ready to send the ball far out into center field.
Aly leads off of first base, defended by Alex.
We all hung out for a cold soda in the dugout after the Sorcerer Demons beat Evan's team 27-23.

This last Friday, July 22, Katie (our theatre teacher) and I took two members of the Lifetime hobbies Club on a hike in the Uinta Mountains. Our purpose was to do some maintenance on a trail camera I've had on a tree for several months. It's motion sensitive and takes phots of

Lifetime Hobbies Club trail camera trip