Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monarch Ridge

Last Friday, August 12th, Chad’s club, also known as the Lifetime Hobbies Club, went to the ridge known officially as Monarch Ridge, but known to the locals as the Blue Hill. It was a lot of fun “mountaineering”. We climbed rocks and slots, walked paths and caves, and took many pictures and diamonds.

During the hike, we made an abundance of references to the movie 127 Hours, about Aron Ralston, the fellow who got his right arm stuck between a wall and a boulder in Moab, Utah, and had to cut his arm off to escape. We climbed through slots similar to the one he got stuck in, but we had nothing to worry about, although Evan, Joe, and Chad were all afraid of getting stuck, and it was an exhilarating part of the trip.

Part of the hike was visiting the Alum Mine, a short cave (now home to many rats) where they mined Alum, a mineral that is widely used for making pickles. It was a bit unnerving to be in a cave, but being able to see the entrance was a calming factor. And we all felt accomplished when we touched the end of the mine shaft.

We also really enjoyed taking photos. We had some very beautiful, goofy, and funny photos that you can see here. The awe-inspiring mountains were a great backdrop for our shenanigans. We also found crystals scattered about the mountain. Evan was convinced that they were diamonds, but they were just gypsum crystals worth very little (except good memories).

Overall, this trail trip was one to remember. Whether it was referencing 127 Hours, spelunking mines, or taking pictures, we were all enjoying ourselves. I hope we get to do this type of thing often, because it was a great experience.

Written by Seth

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