Monday, September 10, 2012

Cedar Ridge Academy Day at the Museum

A group of Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School students went on a trip to the Utah Field House of Natural History. The purpose of the trip was to promote an interest in science related academics among the students.

A science teacher from a local High School, a professional colleague of Cedar Ridge's science teacher Chad, guided a tour through the museum for the students. Highlights included a walk along the pathway through time and views of dinosaur skeletons and reconstructed prehistoric mammals. Students got a feel for just how large these creatures were and what they looked like.

Students learned how bones become fossils and how forms of life in this part of the world have changed through time. They gained insights on how paleontologists collect and study specimens and how they go about putting them on display in museums.

One of the things students enjoyed at the museum was engaging in some hands-on activities, where they got to do things like see what it would be like to dig through soil and uncover fossilized bones. The paintings on the wall and the decorations in the room made it feel like a real paleontology dig site, and students got a feel for what it would be like to be a paleontologist.

At the museum students got to look at a wall covered with fossils collected from sites in the Uintah Basin area of Utah. There were fossilized leaves and one fossilized fish. The students were challenged to find the fish. After a lot of searching one of the students finally found the fish (it ended up being only a couple of inches long), then showed the rest of us where it was.

After touring the inside of the museum, the students went outside and walked through the dinosaur gardens that surround the museum. This area has lifelike replicas of prehistoric animals positioned amid lush vegetation. Some of the replicas are next to a small pond, and students enjoyed watching brightly colored koi fish swimming around in the pond.

The Cedar Ridge students all seemed to have enjoyed the trip. When asked what he thought about the trip one of the boys responded: "It was fun and I enjoyed it. It was really neat to be out there and learn new things".

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning About Water Resources at Cedar Ridge Academy Campus & Brown's Draw Reservoir

Recently, a group of Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School students participated in an educational tour of the campus to learn about how we use water for landscaping and gardening purposes. We then traveled to a nearby reservoir to discover where the water comes from.

Cedar Ridge Students Field Trip Therapeutic boarding school

While on campus, we visited ponds where students enjoyed learning how water is stored before being piped for campus use. While at one pond, students enjoyed shouting into a large inlet pipe that delivers water from the supply reservoir to the pond. To the delight of students, the shouting produced multiple, delayed echoes, living up to its nickname "The Echo Pipe." A lively discussion was held concerning the mechanics of how sound echoes within the pipe.

After learning about on-campus water delivery systems, we loaded into the bus and drove to the nearby Brown's Draw Reservoir, the source of Cedar Ridge Academy's irrigation water. While there, we gathered at the historic monument displaying information about the reservoir. Chad, our science teacher, spoke about reservoir history (it was built when he was a teen). Some historical highlights included the Utah Governor's attendance at the reservoir dedication ceremony. Discussion was held about droughts and how they affect reservoir water levels and resultant irrigation water availability.

After the educational portion of the field trip, students enjoyed wading, hiking, running and catching crayfish - along with one very small fish!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cedar Ridge Academy Student Talent Show

On May fourth two students organized Cedar Ridge's fourth ever talent show! There was a great variation in acts ranging from singing and dancing to stand-up comedy. There were three objective judges and two MC's who told bad jokes the entire time. Overall the night was a success and a lot of the students and staff enjoyed themselves!

Madison and Marilyn having a blast while swing dancing!

Getting ready for the big spin!

Chad playing his Eco-friendly instruments!

The one man band, Chad!

Science is cool

Mike V just saw a face!

Renae with her very own ninja status

Renita singing her heart out

Renita and the pink Gi posse

How fresh

The dynamic duo at it again!

Who's on first? Yes!

Symphony of glass and water!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


On April 21, 2012 the trasitional home set out to clean the memorial dedicated to a former student. The memorial is the eye of Cedar Ridge. Our purpose of this activity was to trim the plants and remove the weeds and basically make it look appealing to visitors. This project is a service to the whole campus, visiting parents, and future prospects interested in Cedar Ridge Academy. The most fun part of this activity was that we the transitional home all got to hang out and complete a service project as a whole. Somethings that would have made the day more enjoyable are cooler weather and more teamwork participation. One thing we learned from the activity is that preparation and communication are key elements to success. Our perspectives changed along with our attitudes throughout the activity going from lazy and scattered to organized and productive. The long term affect will be an honor to the family of the memorial for years to come because this project has inspired Cedar Ridge students to go above and beyond to make sure the memorial stays clean and beautiful. Many thanks go out to the transitional home with the inspiring leadership skills led by Kathlene and Nick.
--Written by Kathlene and Nick

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Basketball Season


Matt and JT put on the pressure.
MONSTER power forward Crayton "Cruton" lines up to box out 'Chicken Hawk.'
Cedar Ridge big fan section.  
Nick the Lemur lining up for the foul shot.
"Superman" JT motioning for a pick.
JT pullin' the signature move on Sean and Christine's son Liam.
The Matt Attack about to pounce on D-fence.

Parker the magnificent goes up for the layup.

      The Cedar Ridge basketball team had one of there best seasons in awhile. It started off kind of  rocky with 1 win 2 losses. Then they came soaring back with a 6 game winning streak. They came into the tournament hot and ready to go. They played their first game really hard and were rewarded with a W. They encountered there arc rivils in the second game and lost. Then again they came back and played hard to finish the season in second place, with a 9 and 4 record.  CM  and JT