Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning About Water Resources at Cedar Ridge Academy Campus & Brown's Draw Reservoir

Recently, a group of Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School students participated in an educational tour of the campus to learn about how we use water for landscaping and gardening purposes. We then traveled to a nearby reservoir to discover where the water comes from.

Cedar Ridge Students Field Trip Therapeutic boarding school

While on campus, we visited ponds where students enjoyed learning how water is stored before being piped for campus use. While at one pond, students enjoyed shouting into a large inlet pipe that delivers water from the supply reservoir to the pond. To the delight of students, the shouting produced multiple, delayed echoes, living up to its nickname "The Echo Pipe." A lively discussion was held concerning the mechanics of how sound echoes within the pipe.

After learning about on-campus water delivery systems, we loaded into the bus and drove to the nearby Brown's Draw Reservoir, the source of Cedar Ridge Academy's irrigation water. While there, we gathered at the historic monument displaying information about the reservoir. Chad, our science teacher, spoke about reservoir history (it was built when he was a teen). Some historical highlights included the Utah Governor's attendance at the reservoir dedication ceremony. Discussion was held about droughts and how they affect reservoir water levels and resultant irrigation water availability.

After the educational portion of the field trip, students enjoyed wading, hiking, running and catching crayfish - along with one very small fish!