Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Duluth, Minnesota

This student at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Boarding School is from this area.  When he picked D in the World Geography class, he was struggling to figure out a topic.  Then some of his peers started to throw out states and countries, and he was like, "I could do Duluth!" I hope that you can see his passion for his hometown in this post. 

D is for Duluth
The letter D is for Duluth which is located in northeastern Minnesota off of the western shores of the Great Lake Superior. Duluth has been an important hub and area for the people ever since it was first settled in the 19th century. In its hay day, Duluth was the only U.S. port accessing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Some of Duluth’s first and original occupants were the Sioux and Ojibway Natives. Duluth is the third largest city in Minnesota next to Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Duluth Minnesota lies across St. Louis Bay from Superior, Wisconsin. Duluth is a large metropolitan area that is home to about 250,000 people. Duluth was built on a steep slope that shoots up about 800 feet above the beautiful shores of Lake Superior. Duluth is a major transportation center for the upper Midwest and also internationally. The Duluth-Superior harbor is in connection with the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. It is also the busiest of the Great Lakes ports because of this fact. Duluth has 47 miles of beautiful waterfront property which also includes iron ore docks, coal docks, and grain elevators as well.

The moon rise over the aerial lift bridge
One of Duluth’s most famous landmarks is the aerial lift bridge, which stretches across the Duluth ship canal. This is a very cool sight to be able to see if you ever get the chance, and the Duluth ship canal was constructed in 1871 by cutting way through a sand bar known as the Minnesota point, and was built primarily to allow access to the Minnesota portion of the St. Louis bay. Often, iron ore and coal are the main exports shipped from Duluth all over the United States. As well grain is a major export internationally too. Including the shipping, Duluth’s important industries include tourism, and education. Also, Duluth is a major medical center along with great colleges that provide awesome opportunities for medical school as well.

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