Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Illegal Alien

This post was written by a girl in government class at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School. With our rigorous curriculum and blended learning model, as the history teacher I try to bring in news information that allow students to debate the situations of the day. We often discuss the points of view in the illegal immigration debate.  This student has really summed up her opinion in this post. 

I is for Illegal Alien
Alien: “noun: a person from a foreign birth who has not been naturalized.” An illegal alien is someone who enters the United States without following the legal procedures and takes residence.

If you felt unwelcome in your own house, where would you go to seek comfort? Who could you confide in if no one trusted you? Immigrants make up America and allow us to be a diverse nation full of multiple cultures. The difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien is that they enter the country without following through and waiting, like everyone else, to become a legal citizen.

Unfortunately, land has a carrying capacity and can only hold so many people comfortably. Because of this, we (as a nation) must enforce the laws and only allow a certain number of people to find residence here. When aliens come and overcrowd our towns illegally, jobs become sparse and everyone is affected. On the flip side of the spectrum, if your family was in immediate danger and you couldn’t escape within the boundaries of your own country, wouldn’t you do anything to protect your family? America represents freedom and a fresh start to anyone traveling here, in an attempt to escape complications in their home territory.
Political cartoons really enforce critical thinking skills for students

Englishmen, technically, were illegal aliens because they traveled here (via the Mayflower) and settled without passing through with the owners of the land. The Native Americans were somewhat unwelcoming of the intruders because they not only brought disease and famine, but they brought other complications and forcefully imposed their laws. Because of this, our government needed to enforce some kind of law to be able to keep track of the people entering the United States. Jamestown, Virginia housed the first English colony in America and from there Englishmen continued to expand further onto the land. They were seeking freedom from British rule, and were in an attempt to get a head start for their family. Many followed suit and came to the U.S. through the ports in Rhode Island to find work and opportunities. Illegal aliens have been a part of our culture here in the US since the beginning, and we are now attempting to control people living here.


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