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K is for Kauai in Hawaii

K is for Kauai
This post from the World Geography class at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School is from one of our girls.  She struggled trying to figure out what to write about, but she found Hawaii to be a beautiful place that she really enjoyed learning about.

Kauai is an island that is found in Hawaii. Some people like to call it the garden island. It’s very lush, green and has plenty rain. Kauai is actually known as the rainiest area in Hawaii. It has a mild climate, and the island is surrounded in a circle form. In the Pacific chain, it’s the oldest island. Hawaii also has beautiful oceans along the shore. Even walking on the street, there are many palm trees. Kauai also has many beautiful vibrant flowers. They’re very colorful and bright. The yellow hibiscus is actually the state flower. There are also many canyons that are found in Kauai along with peaceful waterfalls.

This is Hanauma bay in the island of Oahu. It is beautiful, relaxing, and calm 
Source: World Book
In Hawaii, Polynesian dancing is a popular tradition. Hawaiians believe this as a beauty of art. The reference of the word “hula” means dance. If you think of the concept of charades, it’s similar to figuring out and indicating the story the Hawaiians give when hula dancing. They move and sway their hips. They also indicate each movement to inspire and explain their story. They might do different movements with their arms that can indicate the flow of the ocean. They also can sway their hips to the beat of a drum and the rhythm. Doing Polynesian dancing at festivals is also a cultural tradition. Hawaiians are also very passionate in their culture of what they enjoy and love doing.

These are two Polynesian dancers at
 a festival doing their tradition of hula dancing.  
Source: World Book
Another part of the culture is the language that the Hawaiians speak. Most people in Hawaii actually speak English.  In the language, there is a vowel at the end of a syllable, along with the end of a word as well.  Aloha is a term that can be said from either saying hello or goodbye. Each syllable of a word being spoken has a certain meaning. “Alo” means presence and “ha” means breathe. When I think of the term Aloha, I think of it as a term used in introducing yourself to someone with respect. This involves being kind and friendly when meeting someone or letting them go. The definition of Aloha means “love; greetings; welcome; and farewell.” 

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