Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Learning Through Current Events

L is for Learning
through Current Events
L is for learning through current events at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School. As teacher and students, we spend a little bit of time each class period talking about recent events in the world. This is a two part post, with half coming today and half coming tomorrow.  New York Times Upfront is a great resource as the students explore the minimum wage arguments right now. The U.S. history boys and girls were asked to explore these arguments.

What are the arguments for raising the federal minimum wage?
  • Minimum wage jobs are crucial to a lot of breadwinners in families. Higher wages could better support families and young people.
  • Some of the arguments for raising the federal minimum wage are that it will boost the economy and help workers keep up with inflating prices.
  • The arguments for raising minimum wage are that people working full time shouldn’t live in poverty.
  • The president said, “No one working full time should be living in poverty.” Many say the cost of living doesn’t match up with the wages. Inflation has caused the minimum wage to become less then it should be or was intend to be originally.  In many states, the raise is believed to improve the economy.

Why do some companies oppose a minimum wage hike?

The cover of this particular issue of Upfront
  • Increase in minimum wage jobs will make it harder for employers. It will lead to job loss and unemployment.
  • Some companies oppose a minimum wage hike because they say it will increase their cost of doing business, as well as make it more difficult to hire new employees and to keep the current ones.
  • Some companies oppose the change because they say it will hurt the economy by increasing prices and scaring away customers.
  • Many companies believe they will not be able to keep up with profit growth, leading to the need to downsize. They say many will be jobless with no hope of getting a job. The only workers will be the “lucky” ones.  Also monetary needs in other areas would have a lack of funding and therefore lead to decreasing quality all around.
Check back tomorrow for the student's opinions on what we should do about minimum wage.

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