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M is for Minimum Wage and Mandela

M is for Minimum Wage and Mandela
In continuation of our post yesterday, the students of the U.S. History class at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School have been exploring the arguments for and against minimum wage.  Today, they will state their opinions on the minimum wage issue.  Also, the World History students explored the time in South Africa as Mandela passed away and what that means for the young Africans there.  Check out their sum-up below.

Do you support the president’s proposal of raising the minimum wage that to $10.10 an hour? Why or why not?
  • I favor it.  If the minimum wage increases, employers will still need their employees, and will likely still be able to pay their wages. The minimum wage people are in more need than employers.
  • I agree that the minimum wage should be increased, however not by so much.  Too much of an increase too quickly can lead to more inflation, which is the main cause of the issue in the first place.
  • Instead of focusing on the wage, I think the president and legislature should be more concerned with school reform preparing people to work advanced jobs that deserve more money.  A lot of time and money is misplaced in public school.  In my opinion, it is the duty of the government to prepare children for the future, without citizens paying for and going into debt for an education.
  • I do not support this proposition for long term purposes.  I believe this wouldn’t help the problem; it would only address its symptoms.  I believe it would further contribute to a large gap between the upper and lower classes.  Either you are wealthy or in poverty, I do not support either of these, and believe this could be solved by creating some means of a maximum wage. With the firing of people that are currently employed on a large scale, the government would become overwhelmed with things like public healthcare and welfare.  I believe it would be hard to find a job, making even the low level minimum wage type jobs completely filled by more prestigiously qualified individuals, creating a crisis for students. 
What is South Africa like for young adults?

This article is about young Africans honoring Mandela because they insist that their determination to look to the future is the greatest tribute they can pay him.  South Africans are encouraged to build the South Africa that Mandela envisioned. Young Africans socialize with people of other races, which is looked down upon.

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