Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Oversight by the Senate

O is for Oversight
This boy is a student in the Government class at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School.  In this private international school, we discuss a lot of current events which inevitably leads to discussions about how our government is set up. This is a great summary of the Senate's powers and functions.

The Senate is a very interesting and dynamic part of the U.S. Government. The different aspect of the Senate makes it so that it has the more power of the two houses in Congress. My reasons for claiming that is you have to look at how limited the rules are in the Senate. The simple fact that you can filibuster is a big piece of power that the Senate has over the House of Representatives. A single Senator can stall a bill for a good amount of time which will make it so that the opposing party that is pushing for a bill to be passed will be dropped from even being voted on.

The U.S. Capitol Building
Then you can look at the control they have over the president. The president will have to go through the Senate to go and deal with diplomatic affairs around the world. That major check on the president by the Senate gives the Senate a good deal of power. Not just that, the Senate has the Vice President as the head of the Senate. This enables the Senators to build a relationship with the VP so that they may be able to work together to build a bill that will benefit the people they both represent. Another part of the Senate is that they have the power to veto a bill even after it made it through the House and if the bill does pass through to Senate will go to the president’s desk and if the president sees fit he will sign it and make it into law.

The power of the Senate is a big part of the government and how it runs our Framers make it so that all of these things where put into the government so that there would be this check and balance in the government. This balance of power is a big part of the United States government and makes it so that we do have a free society. As far as whether the Senate is more power full then the House that is your own view. 

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  1. The differences between The House and The Senate are important to know. Lots of Americans don't realize that there is a difference in power. Thanks for sharing!