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T is for Terrorism

T is for Terrorism
This girl from the government class immediately thought of this word when she pulled out her letter that first day of this unit at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School.  We often discuss the issue of terrorism as current events, historical events, and/or governmental implications. It is a tricky topic as the research and information on terrorism is constantly changing. She sums up the facts as best as she knows them in the post below.

What actually is terrorism? Most people when they hear the word terrorism think of places being bombed or airplanes being high jacked. However, the actual meaning of terrorism is the exploit or threat of violence against someone or group to create fear, alarm, or harm. There are many different forms of terrorism such as bombing, chemical attacks, kidnappings/ assassinations, hijackings, and etc. Terrorists include a variety of different people and or groups. Some terrorists are a terrorist because of their religion/beliefs, some for their political groups, some do it for their “group” (an example being Al- Queida). Terrorists attack or make threats for multiple different motives, most commonly are their beliefs/religion, political motives, to gain power, and etc. 

Above is a picture of the World Trade Center after being attacked.

Terrorism in the US started coming into play in the 1990’s, but really became a problem in the US after the attacks on 9/11. Why they do it isn’t something that is always a for sure answer and very rarely are we 100% positive of the reason behind the attacks or threats. Like I mentioned earlier reasons are varied all the way from being based off beliefs to simply gaining power. As of now, our biggest counterattack to terrorism is preventing it from happening in the first place. One of our greatest assets is our intelligence systems and security systems. Being able to monitor conversations and trace sketchy business has helped the US in preventing a bunch of attacks. Another source of help has been the economic and military forces of many combined nations. This has allowed us to shut down many terrorist operations as well as track, keep and eye on, and withhold many groups and individuals. So in my opinion, I feel that the whole idea of terrorism is absurd. I feel the reasons behind it are simply just excuses to do the unacceptable and twist it into being okay in their head. Terrorism isn’t something that has directly affected me, but I do know people who have been affected by it. I support the government as well as worldwide efforts in the attempt to stop terrorism.

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