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V is for Vietnam War

V is for Vietnam War
This student at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School is in the government class. History has a huge role in the government class because we can analyze the choices that the President, Congress, and Supreme Court made in that situation.  I often ask the boys and girls in this blended learning class about whether or not the separation of powers worked in this situation or did someone abuse the power that they do have. Should checks and balances have played a greater role? Read this post about the Vietnam War, and decide for yourself.

The Vietnam War was the longest war that the United States has been involved in and lasted from 1954 - 1975. The United States President at the time of this war was Lyndon B. Johnson. The Vietnam War started because North Vietnam with help tried and wanted to overthrow the South Vietnam Government. The North Vietnamese were Communists and wanted to overthrow the South because the South was starting to form a Democratic Government. The North did not like that and wanted to take over their government.

This is when the United States got involved because Harry Truman when he was president made a policy saying that the United States must help any nation that is challenged by Communism. This policy was called the Truman Doctrine and that it why the United States got involved. The United States joined to help the South Vietnam stop and push back the North. The war went on for years and the United States troops were dying daily at a high number. The United States failed to stop them after all and there were a total of over 3 million deaths at the Vietnam War including 58,000 Americans. The United States were involved in the Vietnam for about 6-7 years. Once the United States backed out of the war, South Vietnam was still requesting aid from the US and they denied it. The North Vietnam ended up taking over and renamed the country.

A moment in time in Vietnam
Source: World Book
There were many of battles that happened in this war that were called the Buddhist Crisis where The Buddhist’s said that South Vietnam were restricting their religious practices and that led to a pretty big conflict. There was the Gulf Of Tonkin incident where North Vietnam attacked United States’ destroyers. There was also the Tet offensive where North Vietnam and the Viet Cong attacked the major cities of South Vietnam and mostly hit the Capital. These incidents were pretty big things that happened throughout the war. 

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  2. The Vietnam War was a sad time and even today, folks are still baffled as to what happened. Great post.