Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zeus

Z is for Zeus
As we come to the final day of the A to Z Challenge, Z wasn't tricky to figure out for this girl at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School. Being in World History and in the civilizations unit, this word popped into her head quickly.  The boys and girls in her group concurred that it was a great idea. This was a great moment for me as a teacher, because it is the blended learning format at work. The students are able to make connections from their online class to what we are doing in the classroom. The best part is when they can make these connections all on their own without me having to point it out to them. Check out her post below!

A statue of Zeus
Zeus was a Greek god. He was god of all Greek gods. Zeus was born in 700 BC. He inherited the Heavens and Earth by overthrowing his father, Cronus. He ruled from Mt. Olympus rewarding good and punishing evil. His famous weapon was the thunderbolt. Being the god of aerial phenomena, he could shake his aegis and produce storms and intense darkness. He created thunder rolls, lightning flashes and rainfall, which fructified the earth. He protects the assembly of the people and watches over the whole community. Zeus had many children, but the two most famous ones were Hercules and the goddess Athena. Hercules’ mother was a human therefore he couldn’t become a god during his life on earth. He used the gods help to perform brave deeds. When he died, he was taken up to Olympus by a cloud to live with the gods. The virgin goddess Athena was the goddess of cities, wisdom and war. She looked after skilled workers as well as the arts, literature and philosophy. Spartans thought that she judged them. Zeus often manipulated people on earth to satisfy himself. He took a big interest in the actions and well being of mortals. He was a great god to the Greeks.

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  1. Sorry not to have found your blog earlier in the a-z challenge. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments from the students. This is a great idea you have, learning through a-z, getting the students involved with the blogging etc. I hope you'll continue it. I will be your newest follower and plan to continue to blog in the a-z style focusing on Spain in the month of May. Please stop by often.

    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

  2. Thanks for visiting Anabel's Travel Blog and congratulations on being fellow survivors of the A-Z Challenge! I've been looking at both Cedar Ridge blogs and am impressed with the variety of content - what a great idea to share it out between students. I'm surprised more schools don't think of entering the challenge like this (or maybe they have and I just haven't found them yet.) Keep on blogging!